Scotia Business Tools

At Scotia Software we create business management solutions. We have developed POS systems, inventory management systems, fully comprehensive, integrated business management systems, and purpose built solutions.

Scotia has a series of off-the-shelf, complete end-to-end solutions designed for:

  • Retailers of big ticket items like consumer hard goods, retailers of low price, high volume operations like convenience stores, and everything in between.
  • Take-out and dine-in restaurants
  • Small, independent manufacturers
  • Wholesalers and distributors
  • Other specific niches

But these systems are only a starting point! Scotia can customize any of these systems to meet the needs that are specific to your industry.

We can also create solutions from scratch. Do you have a specific task that needs to be automated or performed more effectively? Talk to us – we can create a custom solution to get the job done.

Scotia is a leader in custom database solutions. We have created systems to assist law firms with real estate closings. We have done a broad variety of document management solutions. We have created graphical mapping tools. If you have a business application – we can make it happen!

Scotia Enterprise Management Software

Scotia Software Development’s EM System is a full, end-to-end solution for small independent businesses. The modules include: Inventory, Purchasing, Accounts Payable, Point of Sale (optional) – including quoting, invoicing, and payment, Accounts Receivable, and a General Ledger for overall management or integration into your accounting system.


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