Seafood Industry

The seafood industry is providing consumers a broader variety of high value products. This means that you have to deal with higher inventory volumes, a higher number of species, grades, harvesters, and customers. It’s getting too difficult to manage operations with paper systems.

At Scotia Software we have a basic inventory, purchasing and invoicing system that works for everyone. But more importantly, we have the ability to customize the system to meet the specific needs of your unique business.

Don’t have time to train people on a new system? No problem! We can put an employee at your location as needed to make sure your people are up to speed and to help maintain the system.

We are Atlantic Canadian and we understand that there are ups and downs in your industry. We want to give you the tools to maximize your earnings during the good times and to help keep your operation lean so you can manage through the tough times. We can do this for you and we can do it affordably.