What are the big advantages to working with Scotia?

First of all, we design all of the components within our solutions to be modular, expandable and scalable – we design with the future in mind.

Second, we listen to our customers and we give them everything they want, and nothing that they don’t want.

Third, we have several advantages that allow us to develop solutions very cost effectively:

  1. We build primarily on Microsoft platforms. There are no additional costs associated with platform exploration, development, or technological risk.
  2. Our extensive work with custom ERP systems means that we are almost never starting from scratch.
  3. Our designs are always modular so that we only need to develop the functionality that you need. (And of course, since our solutions are modular, expandable, and scalable, we are always in a good position to modify your system to handle whatever the future may hold).

Every solution that we develop at Scotia Software has reporting and accounting needs top of mind. We have superb tools for creating custom dashboards.